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The System stored procedure sp_MSforeachdb is not listed in MSDN.

Following is the indept analysis on this procedure.
This procedure is used to run a command/query using all the databases on the server.
? is used to indicate the database name.
The query passed to this procedure is executed n number of times, where n is the number of databases on the server.

Name: sp_MSforeachdb
Owner: sys
Type: stored procedure

Input Parameters:

@command1 nvarchar(4000)
@@replacechar nchar(2)
@@command2 nvarchar(4000)
@@command3 nvarchar(4000)
@@precommand nvarchar(4000)
@@postcommand nvarchar(4000)

Example query:
exec sp_MSforeachdb ‘select ”?”’

The above query will list all the database names.

exec sp_MSforeachdb ‘select DB_NAME()’

The above query will return the same database name but for n number of times, where n is the number of databases.

we can come up with multiple uses of this procedure.
Use ? where ever you need to use the database name.

exec sp_MSforeachdb ‘select ”?” as databasename,count(*) from [?].sys.tables’

The above query will give the number of tables in each database.

@replacechar is the second input parameter which specifies the charecter that has to be replaced by the database name. Default value for this parameter is ?.

exec sp_MSforeachdb ‘select ”&”’,’&’

In the above query & is used instead of ?.

The next parameters @command2 and @command3 are the next set of commands that can be run for each database name.

exec sp_MSforeachdb ‘select ”&”’,’&’,’select ”Command2&”’,’select ”command3&”’

The above query runs @command1, @command2 and @command3 in the same order for each database name.

@precommand is the command that is executed first(before starting process for the first database)
@postcommand is the command that is executed last(after completing process for the last database)

exec sp_MSforeachdb ‘select ”?”’,’?’,’select ”command2?”’,’select ”command3?”’,’select ”start”’,’select ”end”’

The above query executes the following:
– executes @precommand
– executes @command1, @command2 and @command3 in the same order for each database name
– executes @postcommand

Further sp_MSforeachtable is a similar procedure that is used for executing a query on each table.

References : Devi Prasad (sqlserverlearner.com)

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Can you show me how to use this to return a list of db_users for each database? I would like to combine this sp with the query SELECT name, type, type_desc
FROM sys.database_principals as I am doing an inventory of users. Thank you.

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