Incorrect syntax was encountered while parsing GO.

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When you try to execute the code which has multiline comment after GO statement you get the error:

A fatal scripting error occurred.
Incorrect syntax was encountered while parsing GO.

Following piece of code can be used to reproduce this error:

Try parsing this SQL Code:

GO /*Completed the batch*/

The code looks perfectly fine but when you parse it you get the fatal error shown above. 🙁

Now try parsing this piece of code:

GO --Completed the batch

This code parses successfully. 🙂

You get same error when you parse the below code:


The code given below works fine, it runs the select statements in the batch for 4 times.

GO 4

But this code fails while parsing:

GO 4 /*Execute the batch  times%

So in general(not completely sure) SQL Parser is giving error when GO statement has some text following it(except — or a number)

Alternate Fix:

Use single line comments(–) instead of multiline comments(/**/) after the GO statement

This error is logged with microsoft in the following link: Microsoft link

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