Identify SQL Server Database Backup Version

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How to Identify SQL Server Database Backup Version.

Following is the query:
RESTORE HEADERONLY FROM DISK=’C:\DatabaseBackups\DatabaseBackup.bak’

Specify the correct path of the backup file.

When this query is executed read the values of the columns SoftwareVersionMajor,SoftwareVersionMinor and SoftwareVersionBuild.

The version of the SQL Server backup can be found by concatinating the values in three columns.
version of backup = SoftwareVersionMajor.SoftwareVersionMinor.SoftwareVersionBuild

If the output is
SoftwareVersionMajor = 10
SoftwareVersionMinor = 50
SoftwareVersionBuild = 2500

Then the version of database backup is 10.50.2500

SoftwareVersionMajor also gives an idea of the major version of SQL Server.
It helps to determine if the database backup is of SQL Server 2005 or SQL Server 2008.

Identify Database Backup Version
SoftwareVersionMajor = 9 backup is of SQL Server 2005
SoftwareVersionMajor = 8 backup is of SQL Server 2000
SoftwareVersionMajor = 10 and SoftwareVersionMinor = 0 backup is of SQL Server 2008
SoftwareVersionMajor = 10 and SoftwareVersionMinor = 50 backup is of SQL Server 2008 R2

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