Benefits of SQL Azure:

  • High availability
  • High Fault tolerance
  • ability to create and deply of multiple number of databases
  • Similar to TSQL Used for SQL SERVER, hence makes its use easy
  • PAY AS YOU GO Option for pricing helps users pay for what they use
  • Integration to SQL Server and Visual Studio
  • Scale up and down the databases as per requirement
  • No need to take care of Physical administration of the server

Features of SQL Azure:

  • Cloud based model
  • Similar to SQL Server
  • Similar TSQL Usage
  • Ability to use tables, indexes, views,triggers, stored procedures, functions, roles etc
  • Execution of Joins on multiple tables
  • Transactions are allowed
  • Creation of Temporary tables is allowed
  • System functions like string,datetime are allowed
  • SQL Azure Data Sync

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