Following are the different subsystems of SQL Server Proxies:

  • ActiveX Script
  • Operating System (cmdExec)
  • Replication Distributor
  • Replication Merge
  • Replication Queue Reader
  • Replication Snapshot
  • Replication Transaction-Log Reader
  • SQL Server Analysis Services Command
  • SQL Services Analysis Services Query
  • SQL Server Integration Services Package
  • Power Shell

Why so many subsystems?

SQL Server Proxies are mainly used to impersonate different users authentication for a job step.
So if we open the a job step we find the same subsystems shown above as types.

Below are the screen shots that explain in more detail.

New Proxy – Sub Categories:

New Proxy
New Proxy - Sub Categories

New Job Step – Types:

New Job Step
New Job Step - Types

Hence the Subcategories in Proxies are related to Job types in Jobs.

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